True Happiness

God blesses those people who refuse evil advice and won’t follow sinners or join in sneering at God. Instead, the Law of the LORD makes them happy and they think about it day and night (Psalm 1: 1- 2)

Happiness is a choice. It is a choice about who we walk with, which path we take and what conversations we engage in. It’s a choice about what we read, post, like and share.

We are what we watch, speak, and listen to. Every misstep takes us away from the real, excellent and the delightful. Worse, it slides us towards a downward spiral of despair.

God’s Word is Life, Light, and love. God’s Word gives wisdom to live by, provides clarity of vision, and helps re-discover purpose. It provides a divine perspective on life issues. It is the best guide for our every action, reflection, and conversation.

If God’s word can become the constant voice inside our head, then we can be happy and stay happy lifelong.

Who or what is influencing what we think, say, and do? We get to make the choice.

Remember, this everyday choice makes or breaks our happiness.

Photo by Will Shirley on Unsplash

Samuel Thambusamy is a PhD candidate with the Oxford Center for Religion and Public Life.