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What’s so special about feeling ‘Jesus-like’ love for each other?

God knows how much I love you and long for you with the tender compassion of Christ Jesus – Phil 1:8 All of us should...

How Can Hagar’s Prayer Transform Us Today?

Curious about how Hagar's prayer can help you today? Let's explore together and see how her story can offer us strength and hope. Are you up for the adventure?

ASAP: Always Say A Prayer for your Church

God,You have given us new Life.An Identity.A sense of Belonging.You have adopted us into your family. And yet,We don’t come together as often as we...

Radical Discipleship

Simplify Your Way to Happiness: 3 Practical Tips 

Do you find yourself battling to keep a smile on your face? Is your happiness slipping through your fingers, affecting how you enjoy life?...

Resting In The Assurance Of True Love

‘Sometimes I feel that I just can’t go on. I feel alone, lost, empty, abandoned. It’s painful.’ I wasn’t sure how to reply to...

Can Forgiveness Lead to a Better Humanity?

The English transitive verb to forgive has Germanic origins; among other things, it means a victim, in their private and personal capacity and for...

Digital Spirituality

Suffering Church


Healing of the Royal Official’s Son (John 4:43-54) – A Communitarian...

The tribal-indigenous communities of Northeast India (NEI) are communitarian societies. It means that the concerns and interests of an individual are shaped and influenced...


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