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Faith: Belief and Deeds

Explore how believing in something and doing something about it go hand in hand in these Bible verses. Ready to learn more?

Lent and the Action-oriented Prayer of Jesus (John 17:6-19)

Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer in John 17 is divided mainly into three parts: first, Jesus’ prayer for himself (vv. 1-5); second, Jesus’ prayer for...

Hope: Faith’s Guiding Light

Explore comforting verses from the Bible that encourage hope and trust in God—will you find encouragement in these timeless words?

Suffering Church

Specialist Repairs Secure Kazakh Church Against Flooding

The foundations of a church in Kazakhstan have been secured against flooding as a result of funding from Barnabas. We paid a specialist company to...

Village Authorities Tear Down House Church In Laos

Christians in Laos urgently need our prayers. Whilst citizens of Laos have the right and freedom “to believe or not to believe in religions”...

Islamic State Boasts Of Killing Ten Christians In Northern Mozambique

Islamists have recently boasted of killing ten Christians in a series of attacks waged over two weeks against Christian villages in northern Mozambique back...

Radical Discipleship

Digital Sprituality


The Place Of The Cross During The Lent

Introduction To Lent And Its Significance Lent is a period of forty days (from Ash Wednesday to Holy Thursday), in which the duration of daylight...


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