big decision

Are you standing at a crossroads, searching for a sign to guide your next steps? If you’re facing a big decision, consider following Eliezer’s example of seeking divine guidance through prayer. This could be a profound way for you to make the best choice and find the right direction.

Abraham sent his servant Eliezer to find a suitable wife for his son from among his relatives (Gen 24). When Eliezer arrived at the well outside the city of Nahor, he prayed for a sign to identify the right woman for Isaac (Gen 24:14). His prayer was answered when Rebekah came to the well.

This story offers profound insights into how you can approach God in prayer with your needs and decisions, particularly those that shape your future.

Be Clear In Your Prayers

Eliezer’s prayer was precise: he asked God for a specific sign. Like Eliezer, you can approach God with specific requests.

When you articulate your prayers with specificity, you open yourself up to seeing God’s answers more clearly. It helps you discern His guidance.

Look For God’s Answers

Eliezer’s encounter at the well wasn’t just about receiving an answer; it was also about recognizing God’s hand in the response. He knew God answered his prayer when Rebekah showed up and did exactly what he had asked for in his prayer. 

In your life, observing how answers unfold can be key to understanding God’s will. Sometimes, it’s about connecting the dots between what you’ve asked for and what happens. Other times, it’s about adjusting your path in response to the doors God opens or closes.

Keep an eye on what happens after you pray—these are clues about what to do next. Keeping a prayer journal can be a practical way to track your prayers and God’s answers, helping you see patterns and directions over time.

Trust God’s Timing

Eliezer’s faith in God’s promise was evident. He trusted that God would not only hear his prayer but would also provide the best possible outcome.

You might find that sometimes you get an answer quickly, and other times it might take a while. Trusting God’s timing means believing that He will come through for you when it’s the right time.


When you’re wrestling with a big decision, why not try what Eliezer did? Like him, you can approach God with specific requests. Ask God for clarity and guidance. Remember, asking God for help through prayer is a powerful step. 

When you articulate your prayers with the spirit of sincerity, simple faith, and surrender, you open yourself up to seeing God’s answers more clearly. It helps you discern His guidance and recognize when He responds.

Samuel Thambusamy is a PhD candidate with the Oxford Center for Religion and Public Life.