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Amos 9:5–10 ‘He builds his lofty palace in the heavens and sets its foundation on the earth; he calls for the waters of the sea and pours them out over the face of the land – the LORD is his name.’ (v6)

Each of us is engaged in our personal search for God. There are many approaches and lenses through which we can gaze on God, and different aspects of the riches we enjoy by sharing with one another the insights we discover. God is infinite, whilst we’re finite, and He will always remain outside our understanding.

We’re made for friendship with our Creator and there are aspects of the infinite with which we can connect. Some find such touch points in nature, others through contemplation. Here the veil between finite and infinite seems suspended momentarily. These are deep, intimate encounters that lie beyond words.

One reason why silence reveals so much of God is that silence does not suffer the limitations of words.

All relationships require intentionality with a plan to help them flourish, and friendship with God similarly requires such a plan, which gives birth to our growing confidence in encountering God. 

Around the UK there are areas of the protected dark sky. Here no man-made light competes to dim the stars or dilute the depth of the deep blue night sky. It is nature as God intended, and we can ourselves move beyond the interference of today’s many social distractions to abide with God alone in all His fullness.

It is a reality beyond language, with silence and wonder its natural home. Indeed, one reason why silence reveals so much of God is that silence does not suffer the limitations of words. 

Perhaps that’s why God speaks so clearly through nature and creation’s beauty. Is it time once again to lift up our eyes and intentionally gaze upon God’s signature work – creation – and meet with the reality of God who is all and fills all.


Job 38:1–33; Ps. 95; John 1:1–14; Rom. 1:18–23


Consider those times where you have encountered God.
What have you learnt about yourself, God, and the life you lead?


‘Lord, may I seek You purposefully every day and pause in
those moments when I encounter Your
intimate presence. Amen.’ (Eccl. 4:9–12)

Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash
Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.