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In many malls and theatres, 3-D films are shown.  Such movies give an illusion of three-dimensional solidity when the viewers wear special glasses.  3-D visuals are created by stitching together multiple 2D images or using multiple cameras.  This technology is amazing, and children enjoy watching such short movies.  However, in the Bible, Prophet Isaiah had a life-changing 3-D vision.  (Isaiah 6:1-8) This vision is essential for every disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Context of Vision:

Isaiah is believed to be the cousin of King Uzziah.  He had prophetic ministry during Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah.  Isaiah began his ministry a few years before the death of King Uzziah.  When the king died, Isaiah must have been perturbed and worried.  Perhaps the royal support and protection are lost.  Lord wanted Isaiah not to focus on the earthly temporal king in Jerusalem but should focus on the Eternal King of kings seated on the throne in Heaven. 

Upward Vision:

Prophet Isaiah saw Heavens open, God sitting on his throne and his robe was touching the Temple in Jerusalem.  The angels who covered themselves with four wings, flew with two wings, singing Holy, Holy, Holy.  Foundations shook at His voice. Isaiah could see the Holy, Majestic, Almighty, and Sovereign God. 

Inward Vision:

Prophet Isaiah saw the holiness of God.  In the light of His holiness, Isaiah did introspection and realized he was a man of unclean lips who lived among people with unclean lips.  He needed a touch by an angel with a burning coal from the altar before God.  Thus, he was forgiven and transformed. Disciples should be sensitive to the Holy Spirit to lead a forgiven and holy life.

Outer Vision: 

Then Isaiah could hear a voice: “Whom will I send, who will go on behalf of us?” (The Triune God) A disciple is a representative of God, with a mission to this world.  Obedient disciples are gripped and shaped by the vision to serve and transform the world.

Some have sometimes got 2D vision, but need to get 3D vision. Do I have a 3-D vision?

Rev Dr J N Manokaran is a Researcher, Writer, Trainer and Consultant based in Chennai