Father of all healing,

I come before You today with a heart burdened with pain and brokenness. No one but You, can understand the pain that is in my heart. I come to You for comfort and hope knowing that Your arms are always open to the weary and the broken.

Just as Jesus showed Your love and compassion, I ask that You reveal Yourself to me today. Help me feel Your love right now, in my hour of need. Hold me in Your loving embrace so I know You are by my side.

Lord, have compassion on me just as Jesus had compassion on the widow (Luke 7:13). And just as You raised her son from the dead (Luke 7:14), I ask that You raise my heart to life so that I may feel Your joy once again. I need Your healing touch in my life today.

Just as the wind and the waves obey Your command (Luke 8:24), I ask that You quiet the storm in my heart. And also bring peace where there is turmoil. I surrender to You completely, knowing that You alone have the power to heal my brokenness.

Father, teach me to surrender my brokenness to You every day. And help me forgive those who have caused me so much pain, just as You have forgiven me (Luke 11:4).

And I acknowledge that it isn’t easy, but give me the strength to forgive the way Jesus forgave all those who wronged Him (Luke 23:34). I want to become more like Jesus everyday.

I know that You have heard my prayer, and I also believe that You have already begun Your work in my heart today. Father, thank You for Your love and compassion over me. Thank You for hearing my prayer and healing my broken heart.

In Jesus’ name I pray,