Holy Father,

We come before You today, humbled by Your holiness and in awe of Your presence.  The book of Leviticus instructs us to be holy, just as You are holy (Lev. 11:44). We acknowledge that You have called us to a higher standard, to reflect Your character in all aspects of our being.

Lord, we have fallen short of your standards of Holiness. We have allowed our thoughts, actions, and words to be tainted with the mundane, the profane, and the disgraceful. 

 We have neglected the importance of personal holiness, failing to fully surrender ourselves to the transformative power of the Gospel. Forgive us, Lord, for all our failures and cleanse us from all unrighteousness (Lev.16:30).

Today, we earnestly seek Your guidance and strength to pursue personal holiness. Help us to understand the significance of Your commands, to internalise Your truths, and to live them out in our daily lives. 

In our pursuit of ‘heart purity’, please remind us that it is not by our own efforts alone but by Your grace and transformative power. Help us to surrender our lives completely to You, allowing Your Spirit to mould us and shape us into vessels of honour (Lev 20:26).

Lord, we desire to be holy people, set apart for Your purposes. May our lives reflect Your love, mercy, and righteousness. Help us to love You with all our hearts, to love our neighbours as ourselves, and to extend grace and forgiveness to those around us (Lev 19:18). Guide us in pursuing justice and righteousness in all our interactions and relationships.

Your word reminds us to keep Your statutes and ordinances diligently, for they bring life and blessing (Lev 18:5). Grant us the desire and discipline to align our lives with Your will and to walk in obedience to Your commands.

In the name of Jesus, our Sanctifier, we pray. Amen.