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The psalmist tells us that those who delight in the law of the Lord and meditate on it day and night are blessed (Psalms 1:2). He goes on to say that they will be fruitful, nourished, and prosperous. We see this repeatedly throughout the Bible where obedience to the Law of God brings blessings and favour.

However, is the book of Leviticus still relevant to us in our modern world? How can it help us in our lives today? Here are 5 reasons why you should read Leviticus today,

1. Foundational to understanding the Bible

The book of Leviticus gives us a good foundation for the events that are to follow in the rest of the Bible. Every blessing and every rebuke in the rest of the Bible can be traced back to the contents of this book.

2. Revealing God’s Character

Leviticus shows us the beauty of God’s character and His heart that longs for us to return to Him. His Mercy, Love, and Justice are evident in the many ways in which He ensures that His chosen people always have a way back to Him.

3. Displaying God’s Holiness

The book of Leviticus shows us the holiness of God and teaches us how we can emulate that purity in our lives. It reveals God’s desire to commune and dwell with His people, even though we often sin. It helps us to identify when we ‘miss the mark’ and helps us understand that we can return to God in repentance.

4. Understanding God’s Covenant

In this book, we come to a deeper understanding of the value God places on His covenants with us. He is a loyal friend to all those who call on Him and are willing to make the covenant with Him. He fully stands by His word and will remain true to the promises He has made.

5. Finding Christological Significance

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the book of Leviticus foreshadows Christ in many different instances. We see parallels to the work of Christ on the cross in the sacrificial system, the Day of Atonement, and the role of the priest.

Meditating on the book of Leviticus in light of the New Testament reveals how Jesus is the fulfilment of all the law and the prophets (Luke 24:44). It helps us see that Jesus connects the entire Bible as one story from beginning to end.

In Conclusion

As we meditate on the book of Leviticus, we will begin to see the holiness of God and righteousness of His ways. We will begin to understand the merciful heart of God through the pages of this book. And just as the Psalmist proclaims, we will be blessed, fruitful, nourished, and prosperous by the truths in this book.

Most importantly, we will begin to understand that Jesus is the central figure of the whole Biblical narrative, and that the scriptures point to Him (John 5:46). 

May this encourage you today to read the 27 chapters of Leviticus and to meditate on it day and night, just as the Psalmist did.