Impoverished Christian families in Uzbekistan gave thanks to the Lord after Barnabas provided food to help them through the cold winter months.

Twenty-three families, the majority of whom are first-generation Christians, received food parcels including sausages, pasta, rice and other staples, while another Christian was given firewood.

A church leader said the assistance was given to the neediest families among local churches, and strengthened and encouraged the whole Christian community.

A Christian mother thanked Barnabas for providing food for her family when she was unable to work because of ill health

It helped them to understand they are not alone and to know “that the Lord takes care of us through other brothers in other countries”, he said.

Another pastor added, “Believers understand they are remembered.”

A mother who is unable to work because of health problems thanked Barnabas for supporting her family. “Your help and care for us are very important to us,” she said. ”Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Our church partner described how a mother who had no food in the house – not even a piece of bread – sat in a circle with her four children to pray for God’s provision. After saying the Lord’s Prayer, one of the children told his mother, “God will give us bread. He teaches it Himself.”

The next morning, they received a Barnabas food parcel. “They praised God for His mercy,” said our partner.

Give thanks for the faith of Christians in Uzbekistan and for the Lord’s provision. Pray that He will continue to meet the needs of His people.

PR1506 (Winter Food and Fuel for Needy Christians in Central Asia)

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This article originally appeared on Barnabas Aid/News