Urgent aid was provided by Barnabas for Hmong Christians in Vietnam after landslides caused by heavy rains damaged homes in the mountainous north-west.

Barnabas funded the hire of diggers to clear the earth and debris, and buy building materials for repairs.

The 27 families affected by the emergency were given rice, cooking pots and blankets to replace goods lost in the mudslides.

A Hmong Christian family with their Barnabas-funded supplies of rice, blankets and a cooking pot

Our project partner said villagers thanked God for Barnabas’ swift response to the emergency. “Barnabas Aid responded incredibly fast to this urgent need,” he said. “They praised God for it.”

Christians in the region are experiencing a steep increase in persecution. Some have been driven out of their villages because of their faith and others have had their rice stores confiscated by officials.

“The believers in these villages are already under heavy pressure from authorities so when added natural disaster strikes it can be the last straw,” said our project partner. “This aid was provided very fast and encouraged many.”

Vietnam’s constitution states that citizens can follow the religion of their choice; however, its communist government views Christianity with suspicion as it is perceived as “Western”.

Persecution of Christians, who make up around 7% of the population, largely comes from local or provincial authorities and varies across the country. The government often fails to intervene to stop it.

Give thanks that the families escaped physical harm when the landslides struck and that help reached them swiftly. Pray that persecution of our brothers and sisters will cease, and their right to follow Christ is recognised by local authorities.

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This article originally appeared on Barnabas Aid/News