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Jesus heals all who ask Him in the gospels with one exception – this one! And in this case the outcome is far better.

We cannot imagine fully what was going on in Jesus’ mind when he hears news that Lazarus is ill and close to death.

We know that Lazarus is a close friend, indeed Jesus stayed with the family when He came to the Jerusalem area.

So perhaps His first instinct is indeed to leave and go and heal His friend. He had seen Jairus’ daughter and the widow of Nain’s son raised, and maybe others not recorded in the Gospels.

But earlier in John’s Gospel we read that Jesus could only do what He saw His Father doing (5:19), and it’s clear that here His father was not wanting Him to heal at this time but to raise Lazarus from the dead four days later (v11:4).

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This timing issue is one that has perplexed Christians down the centuries. We have a reasonable time frame for God to work and He often fails to deliver!

But delays may not be denials, as in this case. God may have something even more amazing to show us if only we would wait.

Somehow, we also need to have that trust that God is good always, and may be doing things that are not obvious to us even when the prayer is not answered as we would like.

So, we are wise not to fret or get upset, but to thank God for what He is doing and will do. He’s on your side and will do nothing that is not for your good and His glory.


A Prayer To Make:
Lord, I often feel like Lazarus’ sisters, who asked You to come and You delayed. Help me to trust that You know best. Amen.

An Action To Take:
Think about delays that you have faced in the past. Can you see the wisdom in the delay?

Scripture To Consider:
1 Kgs 17:17–24; 2 Kgs 4:32–37; Mark 5:21–43; Luke 7:11–17

Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.