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Hope: Faith’s Guiding Light

Explore comforting verses from the Bible that encourage hope and trust in God—will you find encouragement in these timeless words?

Overcoming Temptations in Lent

Want to know how to overcome challenges and stay true to your Lenten commitment? Find out more by reading on!

A Meaningful Preparation for Lent (Joel 2:12-13)

Want to make Lent more meaningful? Learn how to truly connect with God by returning to Him with all your heart. Click here to read more.

Suffering Church

Village Authorities Tear Down House Church In Laos

Christians in Laos urgently need our prayers. Whilst citizens of Laos have the right and freedom “to believe or not to believe in religions”...

Islamic State Boasts Of Killing Ten Christians In Northern Mozambique

Islamists have recently boasted of killing ten Christians in a series of attacks waged over two weeks against Christian villages in northern Mozambique back...

ePap delivered to 11,800 hungry Christians in Zimbabwe

Praise the Lord for the successful delivery of ePap in Zimbabwe and give thanks for the vital changes in the lives of Christians, especially the very young, disabled and elderly. Pray for lasting health benefits for the community as the programme continues to be rolled out. 

Radical Discipleship

Digital Sprituality


Jane Stevens (1900)Commitment to China

Learn about a missionary's strong dedication in 1900 China and her unwavering mission. Are you interested in discovering her incredible story?


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