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Identity in Christ: Navigating the Digital World

Eph 1: 1 sets the stage for Apostle Paul's epistle to the Church at Ephesus. Paul establishes his identity and authority as an apostle...

Find Hope and Strength Through God’s Presence

God, we would be happy if you could spend some time with us this lent. Our prayers are about individual needs, unresolved pains and difficult...

Marvelous Acceptance

Lord Jesus was termed a Friend of sinners – who welcomed the commoners, marginalized, mocked, boycotted, ostracized, and abandoned.  (Matthew 11:19) Throughout history, the...

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Vietnamese families praise God for sending aid swiftly after landslides

Urgent aid was provided by Barnabas for Hmong Christians in Vietnam after landslides caused by heavy rains damaged homes in the mountainous north-west. Barnabas funded...


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3-D Vision

In many malls and theatres, 3-D films are shown.  Such movies give an illusion of three-dimensional solidity when the viewers wear special glasses.  3-D...

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