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2 Kings 2:1–15 ‘“Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit,” Elisha replied.’ (v9)

As a Christian leader came to the end of his life, he shared some of his plans and ideas with the one he was mentoring.

She soaked up his words, sensing that this was a holy moment. She believed that she was being called to take up the mantle he was passing to her.

Shades of Elijah and Elisha, someone close to her reflected later. Indeed as Elijah comes to the end of his life, God calls another to be His ambassador and truth-teller – Elisha.

Elisha is present when Elijah dies, even though Elijah wants to spare him the pain of parting. Three times Elijah instructs Elisha, ‘Stay here’.

But three times Elisha responds that he will not leave Elijah. And twice Elisha tells the company of prophets that yes, he knows Elijah is dying – and please to be quiet.

We sense a bit of irritation here! But what about this double portion of Elijah’s spirit that Elisha seeks (v9)? He’s not asking to wield double the power of Elijah.

Rather the double portion signifies the eldest son’s inheritance (Deut. 21:17), so with this request Elisha asks to be named the official successor. And God consents.

Again we encounter the theme of succession, as we did just over a week ago, and again we can consider how we may be called to lay down a project or take up a new one.

Do you sense a tingling of vision and passion in a new area? Are you weary of continuing in some task that you’ve done for years? Maybe it’s time to release or embrace.


A Prayer To Make:
‘Lord God, reveal to me how I can collaborate with You. Show me where I can be putting my energy, that I might bring You glory. Amen.’

An Action To Take:
Consider what God may be calling you to lay down or embrace – those projects related to your family, the community, or your church.

Scripture To Consider:
Deut. 32:7–9; Ps. 16:5–6; John 6:28–29; Col. 3:15–17

Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.