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John 20:11–18 ‘Jesus said to her, “Mary.”’ (v16)

Jesus has died. Mary has watched Him suffering on the cross. She has heard Him crying out, and witnessed the spear thrust into His side.

She has seen His body taken down. He has been buried. He is dead. And yet, now, visiting His burial place, He’s not there.

Who has taken Him? Why have they left His burial clothes? What has happened? Even the disciples seem bemused. They’re not hanging around – after checking the scene out, they’ve gone home (John 20:10). Now Mary is all alone.

Or is she? Two angels ask why she’s crying. She must have been in a state of confusion, because she seems to have a conversation with them – as if it’s quite normal to speak with angelic beings! Perhaps in her grief she didn’t realise what they were.

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And now there seems to be a gardener, asking the same question – why is she crying? Mary doesn’t recognise Him. Not till He speaks her name. Then, she is clearly overjoyed – how understandable!

The One she loved and who died is standing there before her, calling her name! He is alive! But she mustn’t cling on to Him at this point. He has to ascend to His Father, His work accomplished.

Jesus knows us so intimately – He knows our name! He knows us – all our fears, our sadness, our triumphs and our woes.

How wonderful it would be to hear our names spoken in love, as we turn and recognise the very One who has loved us since before we were born.

To hear our name spoken by someone we love is a precious thing. To hear it spoken by Jesus? Life-changing!


A Prayer To Make:
‘Father, thank You that You know me by name and I am precious to You. Help me to enjoy Your love, love others, and help them to know You too. Amen.’

An Action To Take:
Imagine being in the garden with Mary. All seems lost. Then there’s a gardener… Jesus! He speaks your name. You look at Him. What happens next?

Scripture To Consider:
Ps. 139:1–24; Isa. 43:1–7; Mark 10:46–52; Acts 9:1–19

Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.