Feasting on Jesus
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John 6:35–51 ‘Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life.”’ (v35)

When being questioned over the issue of bread, Jesus gives people an answer they don’t expect. It seems the people are hoping He will perform another miracle for them, following the feeding of the thousands of people.

But the conversation takes an unexpected turn! In the past, Moses provided manna for the Israelites to feed on in the desert, as the people are quick to remind Jesus (v31).

Interestingly Jesus quietly corrects them: it is God who gives them the true bread that comes from heaven – Jesus Himself (v32). He says that whoever comes to Him will never hunger or thirst (v35).

He tells them He has come from heaven (v38). But how can that be? They know this man, and his parentage (v42)! How exciting it would have been, to be part of that conversation! But of course, it still continues today.

Jesus made some extraordinary claims. We need to examine them, just as we examine the man Himself, as we find Him in the Gospels. Is what He said true? Do we believe Him?

What does it mean for us, today, that Jesus calls Himself the bread from heaven? How does that impact my life, and yours? Coming to Jesus every day, as our nourishment and source, is to have a sound spiritual diet.

The spiritual bread that is Jesus Himself can sustain us through all the different famines of life: the times of loneliness, grief and sadness that often come. With Jesus, we are never alone. He will never turn us away (v37). Let’s feast on Jesus Himself today, knowing how very much He loves us.

Feasting on Jesus

A Prayer To Make:
‘Lord, I am so grateful that I can come to You and that You will never turn me away. Help me to come to You with everything that troubles, delights or moves me. Amen.’

An Action To Take:
Do you ever spend time examining what Jesus said about Himself? Think about reading through the Gospel of John, especially the ‘I am’ statements of Jesus.

Scripture To Consider:
Exod. 16:1–36; Ps. 31:1–24; Matt. 11:25–30; Luke 10:38–42

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Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.