Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

Exodus 4:1–17 ‘Please send someone else.’ (v13)

Moses had been so keen to help his people, the Hebrews, that he had murdered one of their oppressors (Exod. 2:11–14), and had to flee from his adopted home in Egypt.

Living in the wilderness then seems to dull his ambitions, because when the time comes for him to do what God has called him to do, in God’s own power rather than his own, he seems very reluctant.

Perhaps he’d got used to living the life of a shepherd, or he’d just got old. Whatever the reason, when God tells him that he is His chosen vessel to help set the Hebrew captives free, Moses comes out with a number of excuses, including self-doubt (Exod. 3:11) and ‘what ifs’ (Exod. 4:1).

But in the end, he reveals what’s really on his heart: ‘Please, pick somebody else. I don’t want to do it.’ As we get older, perhaps our enthusiasm for the things of the Lord can wane a little.

Maybe we didn’t mind standing in the pouring rain handing out damp gospel tracts to busy shoppers when we first knew Jesus. Now, we just can’t be bothered. Without realising it, our fervour for the Lord can become like a glowing ember rather than a leaping flame.

We make excuses. Can’t go to Bible study tonight. Too busy. Been working late. Too tired. Church today? Give it a miss, go shopping instead. Generally, we make time for what we want to do – our passion.

It can be interesting to reflect upon just what our true passion is and, perhaps, where it has gone! What are we spending our time on? And where are we making excuses to God?


A Prayer To Make:
‘Father, please show me where I make excuses. I want to be wholehearted in my service for You. Ignite a new passion in me to do Your will. Thank You, Lord. Amen.’

An Action To Take:
Is your cry to God ‘Please send me’ or ‘Please send someone else’? Is it time to ask God to rekindle your passion for Him and His will?

Scripture To Consider:
Num. 13:26–33; Isa. 6:1–8; Luke 14:15–24; 2 Tim. 4:1–11

Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.