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It is sad to see young people die tragically. A 21-year-old Tik Tok star with over a million followers died in a car crash. The Daily Mail dated 2 December 2022 reported: “Tik Tok Star Megha Thakur, 21, dies ‘unexpectedly’ just days after posting a cryptic message of her walking in New York City: “You’re in charge of your destiny. Remember that.”

She was an acclaimed influencer and body positivity activist, from Canada, who migrated from India when she was one year old. Her self-confidence of being in total control or charge of her life, without reference to God was without moral or spiritual basis. It is in stark contrast to King David who said: “My life (time) is in your hands.” (Psalms 31:15)


God is the creator of all human beings. Knowing Him is true life. (John 17:3) Many think life is an accident, caused by unseen forces. Like wandering stars or meteorites, people think they are cosmic wanderers or orphans.

Choice Not Destiny:

People often think their life is predestined and all happens accordingly. Hence, they are victims of fate and do not have choices. However, the Bible teaches God has given humans the freedom to make choices. Adam and Eve had the freedom to choose. They could obey the commandment of God by staying away from the forbidden fruit or disobey by eating it.

Purpose And Meaning:

People are not born in this world without any purpose. God sends each person into the world. When God sends, he orders the environment and provides numerous opportunities to make the right choices. In each context, God has a purpose for each individual. Only when a person knows or discovers the purpose or plan of God for his/her life, could find meaning and could celebrate life.

Human Purpose:

There are many good things a person can do even without reference to God. Megha Thakur, thought by doing so, had control over her destiny but was sadly mistaken. Like the foolish rich man, her soul was required of her. (Luke 12:13-21). Do I realize my life is in His hands?

Rev Dr J N Manokaran is a Researcher, Writer, Trainer and Consultant based in Chennai