Ice-Age, Stone-age, the Machine age, clone-age, Information-Age, Digital age and now we are in Garb-age.

It is so easy to get filled with gloom and doom, fake news, hate, or just any garbage. We have often failed to recognise the discipleship of our thought life. We become (are) our thoughts. We’ve got to focus on the real – excellent and the delightful. It is an everyday choice.

The challenge is to develop a taste for the good- true and the beautiful. We are made to enjoy the good – True and beautiful. The bad – devious and the despicable are acquired tastes. The Christian life is all about getting rid of the taste ( and appetite) for these.

The purifying of our imagination and opening our hearts to the good-true and beautiful are essential aspects of redemption. It is an everyday choice! Let’s crave for RED – the Real, Excellent and delightful! Tastes reflect character ( or is it the other way too!)

Questions for Reflection

  1. Does Evil taste bad to me or is it still palatable, if not enjoyable?
  2. Do I know the taste of the Good – true and the beautiful?
  3. Do I crave the Real – excellent and the delightful?
Photo by Prajwal Chandra on Unsplash
Samuel Thambusamy is a PhD candidate with the Oxford Center for Religion and Public Life.