plagues in egypt 1

Plagues in Egypt (Exodus 7-9)

1. What was Aaron’s role while Moses sought Israel’s deliverance? (Exodus 7:2)

2. How old was Moses when he spoke to Pharaoh? (Exodus 7:7)

3. Whose staff turned into a snake before Pharaoh? (Exodus 7:9, 10)

4. Why were the Egyptians unable to drink water from the Nile? (Exodus 7:18,19)

5. What happened when Aaron stretched his hand over the waters of Egypt? (Exodus 8:6)

6. What did the magicians tell Pharaoh when they saw gnats plaguing everywhere? (Exodus 8:19)

7. Why was there no plague of flies in Goshen? (Exodus 8:23)

8. How did festering boils break out in Egypt? (Exodus 9:8-10)

9. Why did God raise up Pharaoh? (Exodus 9:16)

10. How did Moses stop the plague of hail upon Egypt? (Exodus 9:33)

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