We stood there drenched and wondered why,
Our Master never cared while we were going to die.
After all, we launched our boat at His behest,
And now we’ll die, while He just rests.

The howling wind, fiercely tossed our boat,
Waters leapt in as we tried to stay afloat,
While our feeble strength began to wear,
We cried out, “Teacher, don’t you care?”

Jesus stood up and said, “Peace be still”,
Commanding the fierce storm at His will,
He calmed the storm of the sea outside,
And He calmed the storm of our fears inside.

My friend, are you battered by the storms of life?
Do you feel He doesn’t care of your struggles and strife?
Remember that, Jesus, He does care,
But most importantly, He is with you there!

A Poem by Lynette Johnson

Photo by Igor Zhuravlov from Depositphotos
Photo by GeraKTV from Depositphotos
Photo by Lurii from Depositphotos

Lynette Johnson is based in Chennai. She likes writing poems about God.