‘How are these things possible?’ Nicodemus asked. John 3:9

One thing’s certain: life’s full of questions. It’s the basis for all learning. Knowledge is the fruit of our questions. So my questions reveal I’m an active disciple, or learner – the meaning of the word. Through meeting Jesus, Nicodemus decides to follow Jesus. Initial exasperation gives birth to fascination. One question leads to another. Satisfactory answers are in short supply but he’s beginning a Christian walk.

Answers enable me to take control of my life. Yet, since I can never possibly find answers for all life’s questions, I’m in danger of limiting my view within a limitless world.

Created in God’s image, there are no limits on who I might become. In a material world we are deceived into thinking material success and security are the symbols of success. But not in Jesus’ eyes.

One who chose to become poor that we might become rich, Jesus recognised that life is lost once we settle simply to serve individual need and desire. After all, Nicodemus had everything a man might desire: wealth, social status and all life’s material benefits. Yet, within burned deep dissatisfaction that kept him awake at night knowing his many accomplishments left him with something he was still looking for.

His was a stark choice. Like the gambler with his last wager in hand, would he risk it on the final spin of the wheel? Whilst it felt like standing on the edge of ruin, in fact he stood at a point of finding what had always eluded him. Making peace with himself and finding a purpose that transcended life itself.

His question is posed and the wheel is spun. He stands at the point of no return; will he embrace Jesus or return to a secure, if unfulfilling, life? This question regularly faces each one of us.

Something to Consider: What’s your biggest question, one you dare not ask?

An Action to Take: Find some creative way to step out of your comfort zone this week.

A Prayer to Make: ‘Lord, I feel as if I have to let go of all I know if I am to take hold of all Your promise. Help me find courage to say yes to Your invitation for life.’

Photo by Cassandra Ortiz on Unsplash

Used with Permission

Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.