Jesus replied, ‘I assure you, no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and the Spirit.’ John 3:5

Israel faced an impenetrable boundary to escape captivity in Egypt, the Red Sea. I’ve discovered it’s an experience we all must face if we’re to make progress in our Christian life. I must confront my fear of the unknown. Crossing from the comfort to the learning zone awakens my fears and insecurities.

Yet, what’s the alternative? Israel safely, and miraculously crossed the Red Sea to wander in a wilderness. Many soon craved the comfort of their former captivity. This despite its restraints and harsh conditions.

Faith can only ever be activated by the unknown. We experience discomfort, exchanging familiarity for risk. Yet, is familiarity our friend? It constricts our growth and limits our horizons. We become imprisoned by the good and prevented from experiencing the best.

Jesus invites us on a journey of discovery. Here we find the very best and worst of ourselves. We confront our addictions and the distractions seeking to direct our gaze away from God. We’ll confront the limitations of our imagination that prevent us from satisfying our deepest longings.

It took many years to recognise the many limits I placed on my Christian life. I was bound by inner fears: fears of making a mistake; failing God; becoming lost, or worse, trapped in a wilderness that might not sustain my life. Yet, this is to deny the promises of God. My challenge is the relentless pursuit of God towards the Promised Land. A journey that requires me to cross many boundaries, some apparently impenetrable.

I can’t do it alone. My baptism declares my allegiance to Christ; it is my personal Red Sea experience. My guide must always remain the Spirit of God, that still small voice who, through prayer, convicts and convinces me of the next steps in my quest to journey deeper towards the heart of God.

Something to Consider: What is my greatest fear that imprisons me in my comfort zone?

An Action to take: Take a step into the unknown; a day course, a retreat, a Bible reading plan!

A Prayer to make: ‘Father, You know I trust You, yet I’m also uncertain if You will meet me in the wilderness I fear. Meet me at the boundaries of my life.’

Photo by Suhail Mir on Unsplash

Used with Permission

Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.