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Vadivel Victor is a contributive writer and is based in Chennai.
Are you prepared to renew your faith and find courage in the face of challenges? Explore the transformative hope of Jesus' resurrection. Dive in and read more!
In a world where politics often seems like a dirty game, it's important to remember the role of principles in governance. What can this teach us during lent? Join the conversation on the importance of principles in politics and governance by reading this blog! Read now!
"Politics without principles" is one of the seven deadly sins on Mahatma Gandhi's list. By "politics without principles," Gandhi expressed his belief that politics should not be guided solely by the desire for power or personal gain but rather...
In comparison to the portrayal of Jesus in the Synoptic gospels, John’s depiction of him is so unique. He purposefully selects specific episodes from Jesus’ life and teachings that align with His purpose statement about Jesus’ mission: Now Jesus did...
‘Christmas Star’ appears on December 21, 2020. It is in the news. Jupiter and Saturn will be the closest they’ve been in 800 years. Yes, these two stars will align in a position known as the "great conjunction" –...