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Daniel Thejus is a contributive writer for Barnabas Today
Gandhi, a few hours before he was killed, gave his grandson a note which is now famously called, “the seven sins.” In that list of seven, one is called; pleasure without conscience. Gandhi’s note to his grandson does not demonise...
Did you know there's pleasure with conscience and without. Ever wondered about the right way to experience pleasure? If you're unsure or feeling stuck, check out "Three Pleasure Tests" and "Three Promises" for guidance. Dive in and start your journey to mindful pleasure!
We must deal with energy crises, climate change, war, hate, anxiety, loneliness, injustice, and much more. It might be challenging for some of us to stay happy this Christmas, but we can be alive! Here’s why?
The feeling of being forgotten, ignored and unheard can be very painful. And this is the experience of so many Christians around the world. These include not only people we get to hear about, but many who die in...