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When people feel lost and confused, they often need hope and a different way to look at life. This is exactly what happens in Luke 24:3-33, where we hear about two disciples who were scared and confused. But after they met Jesus, everything changed for them. 

Here are three key insights that will help you experience Jesus in a completely new way. I believe these can offer fresh perspectives on how you think about your faith and spiritual life.

Jesus, Our Companion 

It was on their way to Emmaus that Jesus met the two disciples. There was no hope left for them, yet he met them amid their despair. Here we see God’s kindness at work. 

Jesus didn’t judge or look down on them. They weren’t told they were wrong to worry or that they lacked faith. His response was merely to ask, “What are you talking about?” Jesus listened to them, despite how well he already knew what was going on.

My wife, who is a psychologist, says that a good conversation about feelings can help the healing process begin. That’s what Jesus did. He asked them to share their stories with him.

In the same way, Jesus listens and cares about each of us personally. It can help us feel better and more understood when we share our feelings with him, just as those disciples did. Besides, it could be the beginning of a closer relationship with Jesus.

Jesus, Our Teacher

After listening to the disciples’ story, Jesus questions their doubts. Our beliefs matter to God, as do our worldview, moral standards, and truths that matter to us. Jesus interprets the entire scripture to the disciples, starting with Moses and the prophets, and reveals the truth about himself.

The crux of Jesus’ teaching is found in Vs. 26, where he asks: Was it not necessary for Christ to suffer and enter his glory? Jesus explains to them that his suffering is necessary to enter glory. According to Jesus, suffering is part of God’s plan. In fact, the whole scriptures reveal a suffering Messiah.

 In a sense, it was the moment of truth for both of them. Their response later was:” Did not our hearts burn within us when he spoke to us on the road and opened to us the scriptures? ” (v32). 

The scope of our perspectives is limited. God has a much broader perspective than we do. Therefore, we must strive to develop a deeper understanding of God’s message. By doing this, we can better understand the truth. Jesus is not just a companion; he’s also our teacher, guiding us to see beyond our limited views.

Jesus, Our Hope

Amid their disappointment, Jesus shows his disciples grace and challenges them with truth. A transformation took place in their lives. Not surprisingly, they were different people before reaching Emmaus. As a result, they began to think and believe differently. They lived their lives with hope and courage regardless of the circumstances

It is the presence of Jesus that transforms us! He transforms our hearts and minds. Through him, we learn how to approach reality from God’s perspective, fill our hearts with joy and hope, and unburden our hearts with burdens.

Jesus gives us plenty of grace to overcome challenging times!  We gain purpose and perspective through His truth! But more importantly, His presence transforms our minds and hearts so that our journey can be purposeful and lighter.

Final Words

The two disciples who were feeling down met Jesus in Luke 24:3-33 and their outlook on faith and life changed forever. Firstly, Jesus demonstrated his willingness to listen and help, like a friend who understands. Secondly, He helped them see things from a completely different perspective. Thirdly, he inspired hope in their hearts. 

The “Emmaus encounter” was a turning point in their lives. Jesus’ presence – as a friend, teacher and guide – inspired the disciples to be courageous and strong. When Jesus is with us, we feel happier, stronger, and less weighed down by our problems. 

This story tells us how an experience with Jesus can make a difference in our lives and how we feel about everything.

Godfrey is a contributive writer and is based in Bangalore.