By wirestock

Dear Lord,

As I start this new year, help me be strong and brave. This year, I believe that with Your help, I can take on any challenge that comes my way. Lord, banish fear and doubt from my heart, for I am reassured by Your constant presence in my life.

It is in Your companionship that I find the courage to greet each day with renewed hope. I know that with Your strength, I can achieve my goals, no matter how tough they seem.

I commit to standing firm in my faith, undeterred by life’s trials. I won’t let fear or doubt stop me because I know You’re with me no matter where I go. In You, O Lord, I find refuge and strength.

Your promises are the wind beneath my wings, lifting me higher above life’s turbulence. With your abiding presence. I’ll rise above my problems like an eagle flying high. I will not give up. My hope is in You, Lord, because of Your promises that give me the strength I need. I will keep moving forward without getting tired. Your presence gives me the courage to face the unknown and the strength to start each day with hope and confidence.

I surrender my plans and thoughts to You, seeking Your wisdom in every decision. I promise to trust in You and not just rely on what I think. I’ll look for Your guidance in everything I do, trusting You to lead me in the right direction. Lead me, O God, in the way everlasting, aligning my steps with Your divine will.

I know You have good plans for me, plans that will bring me hope and a bright future. Grant me grace that I will let this thought guide me and ease my worries as I go through the New year. May this truth be the anchor of my soul, calming my anxieties and guiding me through the unfolding chapters of this year.

Thank you, Lord, for always loving and guiding me. I pray that 2024 will be a year where I grow more in my faith and get even closer to You. I am excited for what You have in store for me. I pray this in the Name of the one who holds my future, Amen !