By 2designbcn

This is not just the first psalm but a ‘gateway’ psalm introducing the whole psalter comprising 150 psalms and arranged in five ‘books’.

These verses declare that those who avoid certain pathways and embrace God’s ways will be blessed.

Walking, standing and sitting suggest increasing affinity with evil, and are contrasted with the delight that comes from meditating on God’s Word.

Delight implies a feeling of extreme pleasure, satisfaction, or joy and is the experience of those who realise the vital place of God’s truth to understand themselves, the world around them and that God is at work to restore all things and invites us to be part of the programme.

Meditation speaks of mulling over what is said, perhaps memorising the words so they can be recalled easily.

Of course, some parts of Scripture are less palatable than others, but the psalmist is commending God’s ways as expressed in the law as being worthy of delight.

We all face a daily choice of where to turn and who to listen to and at times may need to lessen contact with those who may drag us away from truth, even as we also look to connect with those outside of God’s people.

You will know whether you are affecting their life, or whether they are affecting you. Your dependence on God’s Word can keep you fresh and alive to be a blessing to them.

This article was originally posted as EDWJ. Except for the title, the content has not been edited.
Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.