Low-Hanging Fruit

Acts 8:26–40 ‘Tell me, please, who is the prophet talking about, himself or someone else?’ (v34)

In Acts 8 we read of great persecution that causes the first Christians to be ‘scattered’ (Acts 8:1). As a result of this scattering, the gospel is widely preached and there is a great move of God; we see Philip the evangelist performing signs and wonders in Jesus’ name (Acts 8:4–7).

In Mark 16:20 we read that the Lord worked with the disciples, confirming the truth of His Word by accompanying signs; this is clearly what was happening here. Philip is directed by an angel to a certain place and a certain man (vv26–29).

It’s a very specific command. The man in question is a very important official in the Ethiopian court. He is reading a passage in Isaiah 53; a passage that talks about who Jesus is.

He needs someone to explain to him what it’s all about. What does it mean? Is the writer talking about himself, or pointing to someone who was to come?

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Philip is able to explain that the sheep ‘led… to the slaughter’ (v32) is Jesus of Nazareth. He explains the gospel to the Ethiopian official, and it results in the man believing and being immediately baptised.

This is an example of ‘low-hanging fruit’; somebody who has already started to explore the things of God, who is interested in the kingdom of heaven, and who is being drawn by the Father (John 6:44).

All this man needs is someone to explain the gospel more fully; someone who is ready and willing to obey God! Sometimes there is low-hanging fruit in our own lives. We just need Jesus to open our eyes to it!


A Prayer To Make:
‘Father, I thank You that You know hearts that are open and receptive to You. Lead me to those who are already being drawn to You. Thank You. Amen.’

An Action To Take:
Think about any low-hanging fruit in your life. How might you be able to share what you know of Jesus with someone this week?

Scripture To Consider:
1 Sam. 3:1–21; Neh. 8:1–12; Acts 2:14–41 & 18:18–28

Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.