“Everything is gone, the church is collapsed, my house is gone, we don’t have anything. People are cold and hungry and outside. There is crying and screaming everywhere. Many are under the collapsed buildings. The help is not here yet.”

This was a text message from a pastor in Antakya, the modern name for Antioch where followers of the Lord Jesus were first called Christians (Acts 11:26). He was writing to some of Barnabas Aid’s project partners on 6 February, the day when two powerful earthquakes struck south-eastern Turkey and northern Syria.

Many church buildings in Turkey and Syria have been damaged or destroyed by the earthquake (Image source: Twitter)

The death toll has climbed to over 11,000 and is likely to keep rising. Many have been left with nothing and thousands of buildings have been destroyed, with snow already on the ground and gathering on the rubble. The needs are enormous and the aid is ongoing to find survivors and help those affected by this disaster. Tents, blankets and food are only some of the most urgent needs to be filled in the aftermath.

Barnabas Aid are grateful to everyone who contacted them to ask whether donations can be channelled to help Christians affected by the earthquake. You can give as the Lord leads you, but above all, please pray.

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This article originally appeared on Barnabas Aid