At least 21 Christians have been killed by Islamist extremists in violent attacks throughout October in northern Mozambique.

Jihadists set fire to a church building and several houses in the Chiure district of Cabo Delgado Province on 26 October, killing one person.

The Islamists also announced the killing of 20 Christians and the displacement of hundreds more in Cabo Delgado between 3 and 20 October.

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The attacks were carried out by an Islamic State (IS)-affiliated organisation Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jama, known locally as Al Shabaab (not the Somali-based group of the same name). They were announced in al-Naba, the weekly magazine of IS (also known as ISIS, ISIL, Daesh).

In addition to church building in Chiure, the Islamists said that other church property in Cabo Delgado had been destroyed, though no details were given.

A Muslim leader and his wife were also beheaded by the jihadi group, who since 2017 have subjected both the Christian and Muslim communities of northern Mozambique to a campaign of terror.

At least eight believers were killed in lslamist violence across Cabo Delgado and neighbouring Nampula Province in September 2022. 

Pray for the communities of northern Mozambique, both Christian and Muslim, who are suffering from this ongoing campaign of terror. Ask that the Lord will be especially close to His children, our brothers and sisters, and that they will endure despite suffering. Pray that He will restrain those who seek to harm His people. 

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This Article was originally posted on Barnabas Aid/News