The daughter of a Nigerian pastor was released by her kidnappers, on the same day that the pastor’s two sons were buried.

Pastor Daniel Umaru was injured and his wife collapsed in shock when gunmen invaded their family home in Jairi, Adamawa State in the early hours of 6 July.

The invaders shot and killed both of Pastor Umaru’s sons, Fanye, 23, and Kefrey, 19, and abducted his 13-year-old daughter, Ijagla.

Mrs Umaru publicly forgave her sons’ killers at their funeral [Image credit: The Whistler]

Mrs Umaru was discharged from hospital and able to attend her sons’ funeral on 9 July. Shortly afterwards Ijagla’s abductors released her from captivity.

Pastor Umaru is still recovering from wounds in hospital, but is no longer in a critical condition.

At the burial in Kwarhi Maararba, Hong Local Government Area of the state, Mrs Umaru expressed forgiveness for her sons’ murderers.

“I have forgiven those behind these killings and abduction,” she said. “Also, I have accepted the will of God,” she said.

Pastor Umaru was able to relate details of the incident from his hospital bed, explained that three men armed with guns and a sword broke into the house looking for money. Umaru was injured and his two sons killed as they tried to prevent the men from entering the house.

“I don’t believe there’s security in this country any longer,” he commented. “I’m short for words and don’t know what to even say. I’m sad and helpless.”

From Barnabas Aid contacts and other sources

Continue to pray for Pastor Umaru, his wife and daughter as they come to terms with their loss. Pray for complete healing for Pastor Umaru. Give thanks for Ijagla’s release and pray that Mrs Umaru’s words of forgiveness will resonate to strengthen faith of Nigerian Christians and touch the hearts of the men of violence.

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