The Lord's Presence With ISRAEL (Exodus 37-40)

1. What did Bezalel design to cover the place of mercy? (Exodus 37:9)


2. Bezalel mixed the sacred oil for __________ and the pure spices for the sweet-smelling incense. (Exodus 37:29)


3. Who was an expert in designing and engraving assisting Bezalel in the Tabernacle’s work? (Exodus 38:21)


4. Why were onyx stones placed on the shoulder straps of the High Priest’s vest? (Exodus 39:6-7)

5. What did the breastpiece of the High Priest consist of? (Exodus 39:8-14)

6. The words ______________________ were engraved and fastened to Aaron’s turban. (Exodus 39:30-31)

7. Why should Aaron and his sons be ordained with the sacred olive oil? (Exodus 40:13-14)

8. Where did Moses place the Ten Commandments according to the Lord’s Commandments? (Exodus 40:20)

9. What is the purpose of the large bronze bowl placed between the altar and the Tent’s entrance? (Exodus 40:32)


10. How did Israel experience the glory of God throughout the wilderness journey?  (Exodus 40:38)


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