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Receiving the 10 Commandments & Preparing The Sacred Tent (Exodus 34-36)

1. What did the Lord command Moses as he was planning to go up Mt Sinai the second time? (Exodus 34:1)

2. Why did the Lord strictly tell Moses not to allow anyone near Mt Sinai? (Exodus 34:3-5)

3. What did Moses pray to the Lord as He appeared in a cloud? (Exodus 34:9)


4. What did the Lord expect from the Israelites in return while they experience the Lord’s wonders? (Exodus 34:14)

5. Which festival did the Lord command to observe in the month of Abib? (Exodus 34:18)


6. When should the Israelites celebrate the Harvest Festival? (Exodus 34:22)


7. Why were the people afraid to go near Moses? (Exodus 34:30)

8. What is the Sabbath? (Exodus 35:1)

9. Why did the people of Israel bring gifts to Moses? (Exodus 35:29)


10. ______________was used to build the framework for the walls of the sacred tent. (Exodus 36:21)

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