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Preparation as High Priest of Israel's Tabernacle (Exodus 28-30)

1. Who did God choose as Priests for Israel’s Tabernacle? (Exodus 28:1)

2. Why did God command to insert 2 onyx stones on the priest’s shoulder straps? (Exodus 28:9-12)

3. What did God instruct to fit on the breastpiece for the High Priest? (Exodus 28:17)


4. Why should Aaron the High Priest remember the names of the 12 tribes of Israel? (Exodus 28:29)


5. What is the purpose of the golden bells on Aaron’s robe? (Exodus 28:35)

6. How were the sons of Aaron ordained for priesthood? (Exodus 28:41)


7. Why did God command Aaron and his sons to be specially dressed for their ordination? (Exodus 29:8-9)


8. What would be pleasing to the Lord as He shines His glory on Israel in the Tabernacle? (Exodus 29:40-41)


9. What should the priests do before entering the Tabernacle? (Exodus 30:18-21)


10. Where would the Lord talk with Aaron the High Priest?  (Exodus 30:6)

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