Building The Lord's Tabernacle (Exodus 25-27)

1. Why did the Lord ask Israel to bring gifts? (Exodus 25:1, 8)

2. What is the purpose of the Tabernacle? (Exodus 25:8)

3. What would Moses place inside the Sacred Chest according to the Lord’s command? (Exodus 25:16)


4. Why did God want to meet Moses between the two creatures on the chest? (Exodus 25:22)


5. How would the Lampstand be made? (Exodus 25:36)

6. What did the Lord command to use as protective covering for the Tabernacle? (Exodus 26:12-14)


7. How did the Lord want His Tabernacle to be built? (Exodus 26:30)

8. According to the Lord’s command, what would be placed inside the Most Holy Place? (Exodus 26:34)


9. In what shape did the Lord want the altar to be constructed? (Exodus 27:8)


10. Who was responsible for supplying the oil for the Lamp in the Holy Place? (Exodus 27:20)


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