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Face-Off With the LORD at Mt Sinai (Exodus 31-33)

1. Name the skilled craftsmen whom the Lord chose to prepare the Tabernacle in a special manner? (Exodus 31:1-6)

2. Every generation of ___________ must respect the Sabbath. (Exodus 31:16)


3. How did God prepare the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai? (Exodus 31:18)

4. Why did the Israelites make an idol to worship? (Exodus 32:1)

5. How were the people behaving in the absence of Moses? (Exodus 32:6, 7)


6. What did Moses do to stop the Lord from destroying Israel? (Exodus 32:13)


7. How did Moses punish the Israelites for their wrong against the Lord? (Exodus 32:20)

8. Why did the Lord ask Moses to set up a “meeting tent” far from the camp? (Exodus 33:7)

9. How did the Lord speak with Moses? (Exodus 33:11)

10. How did Moses witness the Lord’s glory? (Exodus 33:22)

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