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Lent 7 - The Crucifixion, Burial and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Luke 22-24)

1. Name the Feast during which the chief priests and teachers of the law planned to get rid of Jesus? Luke 22:1

2. Where did Jesus send Peter and John on the Day of Unleavened bread? Luke 22:8

3. This is my body given for you, do this in ___________ of me. Luke 22:19

4. Pray that you will not fall into ____________ . Luke 22:40

5. What did Pilate ask Jesus as he began to question Him? Luke 23:3

6. Why did Jesus ask the daughters of Jerusalem to cry for the city? Luke 23:28-30

7. Why did the Roman centurion praise God at the Cross? Luke 23:47

8. When did the women visit the tomb with the spices they had prepared? Luke 24:1

9. What were the 2 disciples discussing on their way to Emmaus? Luke 24:19-21

10. How did Jesus greet the disciples as he appeared to them? Luke 24:36

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