Lent Quiz 6 - Preparation For The King's Arrival (Luke 19:28-21:37)

lent quiz 6 preparation for the kings arrival website 1

1. Where did Jesus send two of his disciples when He arrived at the Mount of Olives? (Luke 19:29)

2. What did the people do as they saw Jesus riding the donkey towards Jerusalem? (Luke 19:36)

3. Why did Jesus cry as He looked at Jerusalem? (Luke 19:41)

4. Jesus said, ‘My house should be a place of _____________. But you have made it a place where robbers hide. (Luke 19:45)

5. What did the chief priests, the teachers of the law ask Jesus in order to trap Him? (Luke 20:2)

6. What did Jesus reply when asked about paying taxes? (Luke 20:24)

7. What was Jesus’s response to the Sadduccees question about resurrection and marriage? (Luke 20:36)


8. How should we respond when we hear of wars and uprisings according to Luke 21:9?


9. How will the Son of Man appear the second time? (Luke 21:27)

10. What did Jesus command to do to escape the terrible troubles of the end times? (Luke 21:36)

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