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40 Days With Jesus After His Resurrection

1. What did Mary call Jesus when He revealed Himself to her? John 20:16

2. When did the 2 disciples recognize Jesus? Luke 24:35

3. Why did Jesus reproach the 12 disciples when he appeared to them? Mark 16:14

4. How did the disciples respond when Jesus appeared to the disciples? Luke 24:37


5. Why did Jesus breathe on the disciples? John 20:22


6. What did Thomas want to do when he met Jesus? John 20:25

7. What did Jesus question Simon, son of John? John 21:15


8. Why did Jesus command the disciples to remain in Jerusalem before he ascended? Luke 24.49


9. What did the angels tell the disciples after Jesus’ ascension to heaven? Acts 1:11

10. How did the disciples respond after Jesus ascended to heaven? Luke 24:52, 53

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