Lent Quiz 4 - Return, Repent And Be Rewarded (Luke 13:22-16:31)

1. Strive to enter through the _______________ door (Luke 13:24).

2. Why will people from the east, west, north and south gather at God’s Kingdom? (Luke 13:29)

3. How will God gather His people? (Luke 13:34)

4. Why should a person take the lowest place when invited to a feast? (Luke 14:10)

5. Who is called "blessed" according to the parable of the Great Banquet? (Luke 14:15)

6. Who is eligible to be called the ‘disciple of Jesus’? (Luke 14:27)

7. According to Luke 15:7, when would heaven rejoice?

8. In the parable of the Prodigal son, how did the father respond when his son returned back? (Luke 15:23-24, 32)

9. What is the sign of a trustworthy person? (Luke 16:10)

10. You cannot serve both ________ and money. (Luke 16:13)

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