Lent Quiz 3 - Jesus' Teachings on Prayer and Repentance (Luke 11:29 - 13:17)

1. What sign did Jesus give the generation which asked for a sign? (Luke 11:29)

2. Which organ is called the “lamp” of the body?

3. According to Jesus, who carried the keys to the door of knowledge about God? (Luke 11:52)

4. Where will the Son of Man acknowledge everyone who acknowledges Him before men? (Luke 12:8)

5. Which sin will not be forgiven? (Luke 12:10)

6. What is more gloriously decorated than even Solomon himself? (Luke 12:27)

7. What did Jesus want the people to seek with priority? (Luke 12:31)

8. How do we need to prepare for the Son of Man’s return? (Luke 12:35)

9. Why did Jesus want people to repent? (Luke 13:5)

10. In the parable of the barren fig tree, why did the vinedresser plead for the tree to be spared? (Luke 13:9)

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