cms lent quiz week 2 witnessing the glorified jesus

Lent Quiz 2 - Witnessing The Glorified Jesus (Luke 8:40-11:28)

1. Name the leader of the synagogue whose daughter was dying? (Luke 8:40-42)

2. How did the woman suffering from 12 years receive healing? (Luke 8:44)

3. What power did Jesus give His twelve disciples when He send them out? (Luke 9:1)

4. Who confessed Jesus as “God’s Messiah”? (Luke 9:20)

5. What should a person do to become Jesus’ disciple? (Luke 9:23)

6. What happened to Jesus’ when He was on the Mount of Transfiguration? (Luke 9:29)

7. Why did Jesus ask the disciples to pray to the Lord of the harvest? (Luke 10:2)

8. What did Mary choose to do when Martha was busy with household preparations? (Luke 10:39,42)

9. Who had taught his disciples to pray before Jesus did? (Luke 11:1)

10. According to Jesus, who is a blessed person? (Luke 11:28)

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