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Lent Quiz 1 - Jesus Begins His Earthly Ministry (Luke 4:1-8:39)

1. Where did the Holy Spirit lead Jesus after His baptism? (Luke 4:1)

2. Man shall not live on __________ alone. (Luke 4:4)

3. Whose scroll did Jesus take to read in the synagogue at Nazareth? (Luke 4:17)

4. What did Jesus tell Simon Peter as he finished fishing in the Lake of Gennesaret? (Luke 5:1)

5. Why did Jesus eat with tax collectors at Levi’s house? (Luke 5:31)

6. Who is the Lord of the Sabbath? (Luke 6:5)

7. What kind of people lay down their foundation on the rock? (Luke 6:47)

8. How did the sinful woman show her love for Jesus? (Luke 7:37)

9.  Who did Jesus call as His mother and brothers? (Luke 8:21)

10.  Where did Jesus heal the demon-possessed man called Legion? (Luke 8:26 – 30)

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