Nigerian church minister Joseph Danjuma Shekari has been freed by gunmen almost 24 hours after he was kidnapped from his home in Kaduna State on Sunday 6 February.

“With hearts filled with joy, we raise our voices in a symphony of praises as we announce the return of our brother,” said church leader Emmanuel Okechukwu Okolo who said Mr Shekari was freed at around 10.30pm on 7 February.

He added that prayers were being said for the family of Sati Musa, a cook working in Mr Shekari’s household, who was killed when the kidnappers launched their attack on the minister’s home in Kauru Local Government Area (LGA) at around 11.30pm.

Kidnapped church minister Joseph Danjuma Shekari was freed after 24 hours in captivity [Image credit:]

There have been numerous attacks on Christian communities and kidnappings in Kaduna State in recent months. In December 2021 more than 60 Christians abducted from a church in Chikun LGA were released after many weeks in captivity.

Praise God for the release of Mr Shekari and pray for his swift physical, emotional and spiritual recovery from his ordeal. Pray that the bereaved family and friends of Sati Musa will know comfort from the God of all grace (1 Peter 5:10). Ask for the Lord’s protection over Christian communities and pray that the men of violence will have their own life-changing encounter with the Prince of Peace.