2022 bible quiz 2

The Lord's Covenant with Israel (Exodus 22-24)

1. What should anyone who steals be responsible for? (Exodus 22:3)

2. Who are the people Israel should not take advantage of? (Exodus 22:22)

3. Why should Israel charge no interest while lending money? (Exodus 22:25)

4. What should Israel avoid as God’s Holy people? (Exodus 22:31)

5. Who should not face death or punishment unjustly? (Exodus 23:7)

6. When should the Israelites celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread? (Exodus 23:15)

7. Which of the following is not an Annual festival to be celebrated by the Israelites? (Exodus 23:14-16)

8. Who would protect the Israelites against the enemies as they enter the Promised Land? (Exodus 23:20)

9. What did Moses read after offering the sacrifice at the bottom of Mt. Sinai? (Exodus 24:7)

10.  Mt Sinai is also known as the _______________. (Exodus 24:13)

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