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Israel's Exodus Begins (Exodus 13-15)

1. Why did God ask Moses to dedicate all the firstborn males? (Exodus 13:1)

2. What is the significance of the month of Abib for the Israelites? (Exodus 13:3,4)

3. How did God command Israel to observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread? (Exodus 13:6-8)

4. What did God want Israel to do on the seventh day of Abib? (Exodus 13:8)

5. Moses said, Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the _________ the Lord will bring you today (Exodus 14:13)

6. How did God deliver Israel from the Egyptians? (Exodus 14:21)

7. How did the nations react as they heard of Egyptians’ destruction by the LORD? (Exodus 15:14, 15)

8. What did Moses and the Israelites do after God delivered them from the Egyptians? (Exodus 14:31)

9. Who took a tambourine and sang while women danced together? (Exodus 15:20)

10. What is the meaning of Marah? (Exodus 15:23)

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