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God's Provision in Israel's Exodus (Exodus 16-18)

1. Where did Israel begin to grumble against Moses and Aaron for food? (Exodus 16:1)


2. What instructions did the Lord give Israel regarding the bread from heaven? (Exodus 16:4)

3. What food did the Israelites eat that was white and tasted like honey? (Exodus 16:14, 31)

4. How many years did Israel eat manna from heaven? (Exodus 16:35-36)

5. Where did the Israelites complain about drinking water? (Exodus 17:1)

6. How did Moses provide water for Israel? (Exodus 17:5,6)

7. What is the meaning of Jehovah Nissi? (Exodus 17:15)

8. Name the 2 sons of Moses? (Exodus 18:2-4)

9. How did Jethro respond to the news of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt? (Exodus 18:9-10)

10. What did Jethro advise Moses regarding his leadership? (Exodus 18:17-24)

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