Moses Meets Pharaoh and the Israelites (Exodus 4-6)

1. What is the first excuse Moses made before the LORD? (Exo 4:1)

2. What happened to Moses’ staff when he threw it on the ground? (Exodus 4:3)

3. How did Moses’ hand turn white like leprosy? (Exodus 4:6)

4. What happened when Moses poured water from the river Nile on dry ground? (Exodus 4:9)

5. Why did God instruct Moses to take his staff when he visited Pharaoh? (Exodus 4:17)

6. How did Pharaoh make the work difficult for the Israelites? (Exo. 5:7)

7. Why did the Israelites scatter all over Egypt? (Exo. 5:12)

8. Who said, “May the Lord look on you and judge you! … You have put a sword in their hand to kill us.”? (Exo. 5:21)

9. How would the LORD deliver Israel from Pharaoh? (Exo. 6:1)

10. Why did Moses hesitate to speak with Pharaoh? (Exo. 6:30)

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