Wellness products cry out for my attention today. They all share one promise: changing my life for the better. Yet, why am I drawn to such promises? Well, we’re continually looking outside ourselves for meaning, and in response there’s been an explosion of courses offering self improvement to realise full potential.

This market plays upon humanity’s disease of dissatisfaction. After childhood we begin to look for external cues as to how to present ourselves to ensure a fulfilled and fulfilling life.

Nicodemus, perceived as a successful Jew, serving as a respected member of the ruling Jewish Council, still knew deep within that he remained dissatisfied. Seeing the miraculous works of Jesus. and worshipping a God of the miraculous, he dared to believe this might indeed be God in the flesh.

Finding the courage to approach Jesus, he’s presented with a riddle, one that’s common to us all. If we are to discover who we are truly born to become we must first find the courage to reawaken the hope that once fuelled our imagination.

The bland, uncompromising pressures of contemporary life seek to squeeze every last drop of hope from our souls. Yet, once we catch sight of God, we dimly perceive a Kingdom that is not of this world. What will it take to exchange the dull monotony of a prefabricated life for one that we design for ourselves?

It begins with new birth that transforms the lens through which we view ourselves and our world. A view that is only available through the promise of God alone, promises presented in God’s Word.

An encounter with our Creator, who we first make peace with, and who then empowers us to become the person deep inside we always knew we were created to be.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

This article was earlier published as an EDWJ Devotional. The content has not been edited by BT staff.

Micha Jazz is Director of Resources at Waverley Abbey, UK.