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Israel Blesses His Sons (Genesis 47-50)

1. What did Joseph take from the people of Egypt in exchange for food? (Genesis 47:16, 20)

2. Why Joseph did not buy the land of the priests? (Genesis 47:22)

3. Why did a fifth of the produce in Egypt belong to Pharaoh? (Genesis 47:26)

4. What did God promise when He appeared to Jacob in Luz? (Genesis 48:4)

 5. Why did Israel cross his hands to bless Joseph’s sons? (Genesis 48:14)

6. “Simeon and Levi are brothers – their swords are weapons of ___________.”

7. What did Israel compare Joseph with as he blessed him? (Genesis 49:22)

8. Which son received the blessing to provide justice as one of the tribes of Israel? (Genesis 49:16)

9. What is the meaning of Abel-Mizraim? (Genesis 50:11)

10. Why did Joseph reassure his brothers? (Genesis 50:15-17)

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